2023 Timewalking Calendar & Dungeon Events in WoW

Here you will find a complete list of all World of Warcraft Timewalking Weekly Bonus Events and Dragonflight Dungeon Events for 2023. The events begin at 8:00 AM realm time and end at 7:00 AM realm time on the specified dates.

Timewalking events rotate through a different WoW expansion every 3rd week for 18 events per year—more information on Timewalking after the calendar list.

Warlords of Draenor

  • January 3 to January 10
  • May 9 to May 16
  • September 12 to September 19

Vendors: Located in Draenor on Ashran
Alliance: Tempra standing next to Hero’s Rest Inn at Stormshield.
Horde: Kronnus located in Warspear to the right of the Inn if you’re standing in front of it.


  • January 24 to January 31
  • May 30 to June 6
  • October 3 to October 10

Vendor: Aridormi at Krasus Landing in Dalaran on the Broken Isles

As of March 2022 the Mage Tower is a permanent feature and no longer associated with Legion Timewalking events. You can travel to Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore to complete its challenges.

Burning Crusade

  • February 14 to February 21
  • June 20 to June 27
  • October 24 to October 31

Vendor: Cupri in Shattrath City, Terrokar Forest in Outlands

Speak with Vormu in Shattrath City to access the Timewalking version of the Black Temple raid. You’ll need a raid party of 10 to 30 players.

Wrath of the Lich King

  • March 7 to March 14
  • July 11 to July 18
  • November 14 to November 21

Vendor: Auzin in Old Dalaran, located in the Crystalsong Forest in Northrend

Talk with Vormu in the Northrend Dalaran to access Timewalking version of the Ulduar raid. You’ll need a raid party of 10 to 30 players


  • March 28 to April 4
  • August 1 to August 8
  • December 5 to December 12

Vendor: Kiatke is located in the Earthen Shrines of Stormwind City or Orgrimmar.

Speak with Vormu at your factions Earth Shrine to access a Timewalking version of the Firelands raid. You’ll need a raid party of 10 to 30 players.

Mists of Pandaria

  • April 18 to April 25
  • August 22 to August 29
  • December 24 to January 2

Vendor: Mistweaver Xia located in Pandaria on the Timesless Isle to the east side of the Celestial Court.

Timewalking Bonus Events Explained

While a Timewalking event is active, players level 50 or higher can access the Timewalking Dungeon Finder queue to revisit past dungeons from a specific expansion (Open Instance Finder, press I). The system scales players and their armor items down to the level of these dungeons, and the bosses will drop loot that is appropriate for a player’s actual level. For example, if you are level 70 and run a Timewalking Dungeon, the loot you receive will be scaled to level 70.

How To Que for Timewalking

Open your Instance Finder panel by pressing I – under Dungeon Finder in the drop down list you will see an option for Timewaling dungeons. You can queue for an instance here.

Reputation Buff Active

During the event players over level 60 will receive a buff on their character providing 50% increased reputation gains from combat and quests towards factions associated with that expansion.

Timewalking Rewards

Completing the Weekly Timewalking Bonus Event quest and defeating bosses in the encounters will reward players with the Timewarped Badge currency you can spend with unique vendors for each expansion (locations of these vendors notated above). Timewarped Badges are stored in your characters’ Currency tab in the Character panel.

The vendors offer a variety of items, mounts, pets, toys, equipment, and heirloom armor, as well as consumable reputation tokens to increase a faction’s standing. Each dungeon boss also has a rare chance to drop the Infinite Timereaver dragon mount upon defeat.

Dragonflight Dungeon Event Bonuses

These events rotate in weeks between Timewalking events and offer a different reward system, when a Dragonflight Dungeon Event is active the last boss of all Dragonflight dungeons will drop an extra piece of loot.

Valdrakken in Dragonflight


  • February 7 to February 14
  • March 21 to March 28
  • May 2 to May 9
  • June 13 to June 20
  • July 25 to August 1
  • September 5 to September 12
  • October 17 to October 24
  • November 28 to December 5

Happy Dungeoneering!

Good luck to all who are searching for that illusive time jumping Infinite Timereaver dragon. May the loot odds ‘ever be in your favor!

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