Swift Gloomhoof Mount Guide – Purple Unicorn WoW Shadowlands

The Swift Gloomhoof, a purple unicorn mount, was introduced to World of Warcraft with Shadowlands. To obtain this flying mount you will need a Dream Catcher to summon Night Mare, a rare NPC in Ardenweald. As a bonus, defeating Night Mare is part of the Adventurer of Ardenweald achievement. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the mount and defeat the rare.

Step 1: Broken Soulweb

Travel to Tirna Scithe, south west area of Ardenweald, the nearest flight path is Root-Home.

Facing the large tree, find the wagon on the upper roots in front of the tree on the right. Behind the wagon loot the Cracked Soulweb, looks like a tree branch on the ground. (Coordinates: 19.76, 63.45)

If you don’t have flying, you can jump onto a branch from the right side of the tree near the edge of the zone, then climb up towards the tree and around to the cart. (coordinates for branch 18.0, 62.22)

Broken Soulweb
Broken Soulweb in Tirna Scithe

Step 2: Glitterfall Basin

Gather 10 Lightless Silk and travel to Glitterfall Basin. Speak with Elder Gwenna, she will require the 10 Lightless Silk to repair the Broken Soulweb.

If Elder Gwenna is not here you will need to complete two quest lines that start with Lady of the Falls in Glitterfall Basin.

  • Ages Echoing Wisdom that finishes with Outplayed.
  • Trouble in the Banks that ends with Well, Tell The Lady.

After completing these quests, Elder Gwenna will relocate to Glitterfall Basin and the quests count towards the Sojourner of Ardenweald achievement.

Elder Gwenna
Elder Gwenna at Glitterfall Basin

Step 3: Talk To Ysera

Travel to the Heart of the Forest and speak with Ysera. If you are not with the Nightfae Covenant, talk to an Elite Queensguard and Ysera will appear outside.

Talking with Ysera, she will enchant the Soulweb giving you a Dream Catcher.

Ysera in the Heart of the Forest

Step 4: Defeat Night Mare

Head over to Hibernal Hollow, southeast of the Heart of the Forest and to Dreamshire Basin the north area surrounding it.

Use the Dream Catcher to summon the rare Night Mare, using this item will place you in a Shadow Dream for 5 minutes.

Tip: Place your Dream Catcher on an action bar and keep an eye on your Shadow Dream buff, recast the Dream Catcher to extend your time in the Shadow Dream. If the buff wears off during combat with Night Mare, you will be removed from the dream but can recast the Dream Catcher and start the fight again.

Night Mare Spawn Point
Night Mare Spawn Area

Locate Night Mare (look for large yellow star on mini-map) and defeat him to obtain the Swift Gloomhoof mount.

All party members must have the Dream Catcher to summon and fight the rare.

Night Mare casts the following abilities:

  • Astral Charge, charges the enemy, inflicting physical damage.
  • Total Eclipse, arcane damage to all enemies within 25 yards.
  • Cosmic Shower can be interrupted and does arcane damage to all nearby enemies every 1 sec for 5 seconds.
Swift Gloomhoof Mount
Swift Gloomhoof Mount

Congratulations you now own the Swift Gloomhoof mount! Check our guide to the Wildseed Cradle flying mount.

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