How To Get The Wildseed Cradle Mount in WoW Shadowlands

The Wildseed Cradle Mount was introduced with the Shadowlands World of Warcraft expansion and can be easily obtained from Cache of the Moon in Ardenweald. As a bonus, looting the Cache of the Moon gives credit towards the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to obtain this unique flying mount.

Find Lost Tools in the Garden of Night

Go to the Garden of Night, just west of Heart of the Forest and search for the five lost tools:

Gardener’s Basket

Gardener’s Basket

In the northeast area of Garden of Night, find The Craw, a Crane who stands in a small pond.

Look for the Gardener’s Basket on the ground in-between the jagged rocks.

Coordinates: 40.30, 52.65

Gardener’s Hammer

Gardener’s Hammer

South from The Craw on the path below is a broken wagon on the side of a hill.

Loot the Gardener’s Hammer inside the cart.

Coordinates: 39.77, 54.52

Diary of Night

Diary of Night

The Diary of Night is located above on a tree platform south of the cart, loot it on a table near the tree.

The road leading up to this platform is southwest of The Craw, follow it up until the paths merge, turn right and the diary is on the left.

Coordinates: 39.00, 56.97

Gardener’s Flute

Gardener’s Flute

Continue south from the diary location by jumping down from the platform.

Find 4 Spriggans dancing near flower pods, here you can loot the Gardener’s Flute.

Coordinates: 38.50, 58.13

Gardener’s Wand

Gardener’s Wand

Directly south of the flute, on the other side of a tree, you will find a cart near the path with a dancing Spriggan.

In-between the cart wheels loot the Gardener’s Wand.

Coordinates: 38.85, 60.08

Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit

Once you obtain all 5 lost gardening items, click on one in your bags to combine them into Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit.

Talk to Twinklestar at Tirna Vaal

Find Twinklestar in Tirna Vaal (63.91, 37.61) located just below the flight master deck.

When you interact with Twinklestar they will offer the option, “I found your gardening tools“.

Click on the Cache of the Moon pod that appears to loot the Wildseed Cradle.

Cache of the Moon

Congrats! Your have obtained a new flying mount and progress towards the Treasures of Ardenweald achievement. Next up, check out how to get the Swift Gloomhoof Unicorn mount.

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