How To Block Annoying Abilities In WoW

In World of Warcraft, certain class abilities can be used to pick up and move another player or redirect threat generated. These skills are meant to be used beneficially. Unfortunately, sometimes they are misused and become nuisances.

In this quick guide, I’ll explain these skills and how you can stop other players from using them on you.

How The Neural Silencer or Dampener Works

The following consumables can block some skills and annoyances from being cast on your character, additionally you can become immune to certain toys effects (more on that below).

ConsumableObtained From
Neural SilencerBlingtron 5000 or Auction House
Magical Intrusion DampenerEngineer or Auction House
Neural Silencer Mk3Engineer or Auction House

Consume the item to place a 12 hour buff on your character that lasts through death. The buff can be right-clicked to remove it if desired. There is no cooldown on how often you can apply the buff.

Skills That Can Be Blocked

This is a list of abilities the Neural Silencer and Magical Intrusion Dampener make you immune to with an explanation of what the skills intended use is.

Understanding the intended usage of an ability may be helpful in deciding whether or not to use a silencer, or when you might want to. Abilities like Leap of Faith and Rescue may cause an abrupt uneasy feeling or dizziness and Misdirect or Tricks of the Trade could cause your character to die if improperly used on you.

Leap of Faith – Priest

The Leap of Faith (sometimes referred to as “Life Grip”) spell allows the Priest to pull a character out of a dangerous situation, such as getting stuck in AOE damage, being knocked far away from the group, or even if you have fallen down into a rocky crevice, this skill can be used to pull you to safety.

Rescue – Evoker

An Evoker can pick up another character in or out of combat with the Rescue skill, allowing the Evoker to move you to a safe spot. The skill can be improved with the Twin Guardian talent providing a mitigation shield of 30% to both players max health for the next few seconds.

Misdirection – Hunter

The Hunter can place a Misdirect skill onto another player, generally the Tank in a party/raid which directs all threat the Hunter causes over the next few seconds to the target.

Tricks of the Trade – Rogue

A Rogue can place Tricks of the Trade onto a party member which redirects all threat they cause upon attacking their next target to the party or raid member, lasting for a few seconds.

Swapblaster – Consumable

The Swapblaster is a consumable crafted by Engineers, if used on your character you will swap places with the player that cast the ability on you, this can only be used out of combat and by a member of your party. If you have a Neural Silencer buff and a Swapblaster is used on you, the user will explode for a significant amount of damage.

Toys That Can Be Blocked

The following toys can be blocked with a Neural Silencer, but NOT the Magical Intrusion Dampener.

Toys that can be thrown at a target and have a “boomerang” effect will be immune, such as the various Foot Balls, Pig Skin, and Dalaran Disc.

Certain toys that cause you to dance or laugh, like the Tickle Totem and Party Totems. The Moonfeather Statue that places various effects on your character is also blocked.

The Toy Train Set is silenced, and the Happy Fun Rock, Heavy Leather Ball, Voodoo Skull and Rotund Relic are also blocked from landing in your inventory.

Shields Up!

I hope you found this guide to be helpful in shielding yourself from bothersome abilities and when I discover any additional uses, I’ll be sure to provide updates here. Next up I’ve got some tips on how you can mute certain sounds in WoW.

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