Sleeping On The Job WoW Achievement Guide (With Map)

We’re on the search for some sleeping Dreamguards in the Ohn’ahran Plains for this achievement. Here you will find all the locations of each sleepy dragon with descriptions and a map.

Objective: Target and Emote /sleep next to the following Dreamguards in the Ohn’ahran Plains.

Head over to the Shady Sanctuary in western Ohn’ahran Plains to begin, if you’re having difficulty finding them try using a target macro like: /tar Dreamguard.

Map of Sleeping Dragons

Dreamguard Felyaasra

(1) At the base of a waterfall Dreamguard Felyaasra is sleeping on some rocks near vines. Northeast of the flight path at Shady Sanctuary.

Dreamguard Sayliasra

(2) In the Lilac Ramble on a boulder you will find Dreamguard Sayliasra, just around the corner from the Ysera Memorial. South of Shady Sanctuary.

Dreamguard Lucidra

(3) Dreamguard Lucidra sleeps on a hilltop in the Lunedane area south of Shady Sanctuary on the coast.

Dreamguard Erezsra

(4) Taking a nap inside Merithra’s Watch near a bookshelf you will find Dreamguard Erezsra, south of the Shady Sanctuary flight path, you must fly up to Merithra’s den.

Dreamguard Aiyelasra

(5) Very well hidden under some bushes Dreambuard Aiyelasra sleeps near the Emerald Dream portal on the Ancient Bough island west of Shady Sanctuary.

Dreamguard Taelyasra

(6) Found napping outside a cave entrance on the side of a cliff is Dreamguard Taelyasra, north of Shady Sanctuary and to the southwest of Nokhudon Hold.

Sleep Well!

That’s a wrap for the sleeping dragons, next time we’ll have a look at the Bakar’s of the Maruuk Centaur.

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