Temperamental Skyclaw Mount Guide WoW Dragonflight

Here’s our step-by-step guide to obtain the Temperamental Skyclaw mount introduced to World of Warcraft in the Dragonflight expansion.

This cute Slyvern flying mount is easily obtainable from Zon’Wogi at the Three-Falls Lookout in Azure Span.

Go To Three-Falls Lookout in Azure Span

Zon’Wogi is a Stable Master who cares for the expeditions animals. When you speak to him there is an option to “Ask about the saddled slyvern” who is sleeping just to his right.

He tells you that some crazier than normal gnolls have trained the Slyvern as a flying mount. But he doesn’t have the time to take care of her properly with all the other kits to deal with. He suggests the Slyvern has a taste for gnoll cookin’ and if you bring a few treats from the gnoll tribes that are not effected by decay, you might be able to befriend her.

Collect Gnoll Cookin’ Dishes

You can gather the necessary items from the gnolls or purchase the items from the Auction House.

20 – Gnolan’s House Special
20 – Tuskarr Jerky
20 – Flash Frozen Meat

Gnolan’s House Special is a mana drink that drops off the Stormfang Gnolls in Azure Span. The best location to farm these is at the Brakenhide Waterhole located northeast of Iskaar, there’s a small lake here.

Darktooth Gnolls drop the Tuskarr Jerky and can be found at the Darktooth Pond to the east of Brakenhide Waterhole, look for the donut shaped lake.

Flash Frozen Meat is dropped by the Snowhide Gnolls located just north of Camp Nowhere at the Snowhide Camp.

Start at Three-Falls Lookout top left, then visit the three camps to farm for the “dishes” (or buy on auction house).

Return To Zon’Wogi

Once you’ve collected the necessary treats bring them back to Zon’Wogi and he will offer the option to “Present Zon’Wogi with the collected “dishes”

You will immediately receive the item Temperamental Skyclaw placed in your inventory, right-click the item to learn the mount.

Congratulations! Zon’Wogi asks that you take good care of her, mon. She be deservin’ a nice life.

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