How to Disable Experience Gain in World of Warcraft

Would you like to turn off your characters experience while playing WoW? No problem, I’ve got the details right here in this quick explanation of how to set your character in stasis for as long as you want.

To disable experience in WoW you will need to visit an Experience Eliminator, there is one for Alliance and Horde, they are Behsten and Slahtz (get it! Best In Slot)

Important! Your character must be under level 59 to disable experience.

There is a 10 gold fee you will need to pay to turn xp off and back on again.

When you turn off your experience this will halt all experience gain until you go back to the Experience Eliminator and turn it back on. Your xp bar will disappear during this time.

Here’s how to find your Factions xp disabler:

Behsten – Alliance

There is a Human Rogue named Behsten in the War Room of the Stormwind Keep. As you enter the War Room you’ll find him in stealth to the left behind the map table.

Slahtz – Horde

An Undead Rogue named Slahtz can be found in the Valley of Honor in the large building known as “The Barracks”, on the third floor. When you enter the top floor, he’s located along the wall to the left of the war table in stealth-mode.

Reasons Why Players Disable Experience Gain

If you play as a group or as a couple, this is a great way to stay on track and stick together as there is always a lot of content to level with when you re-enable it.

Additionally, with Chromie Time, the moment you hit level 60 she will begin a countdown from one minute to pull you back to the current timeline no matter where you are, so you may want to stop experience gain at 59 if you are going for Loremaster achievements or to complete an expansion.

Under level 60 PvP brackets can be great to gain honor in battlegrounds or epic battlegrounds. You can always lock yourself into a bracket by disabling your exp gains. Those PvP brackets are:

  • 10-19
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59

If you’re disabling experience gain for PvP reasons, it’s best to disable it when you’re at the top of your bracket so you can maximize your damage, so 19, 29, 39, 49 and 59.

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