How To Mute Specific Sounds In WoW

Here you will find some tips on adjusting audio and muting specific sounds in World of Warcraft. Does the sound of an Enchanter disenchanting hundreds of items remind you of nails on a chalk board? How about that eerie little babble from the Sunflower pet, guess it’s not looking so cute anymore? Choo choo!! No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Quickly Toggle Sounds On/Off

You can quickly mute the music or sound, or both, with the keybindings below:

CTRL-M toggles Music On/Off

CTRL-S to turn Sound Effects On/Off

How To Adjust Audio Options In WoW

To access sound options press ESC > Options > Audio.

  • You can adjust these sounds individually in a range from 0 to 100%:
    • Master Volume is the overall game sound.
    • Music adjusts background music.
    • Sound Effects covers spells, pets, toys, mounts, etc.
    • Ambience includes birds chirping, crickets, water, etc.
    • Dialog is NPC voice over for quests and cinematic.
  • Quickly raise the volume of your audio with CTRL = and lower volume CTRL –
  • To completely disable sound, uncheck the Enable Sound option at the top of Audio options.
  • You can disable the voice over sound of your character’s dialog of “need to get closer” to a target or “need more rage” and other similar messages by unchecking Dialog > Error Speech.

Addons To Mute Individual Sounds

The addon MuteSoundFile created by funkehdude offers a simple tool to mute individual WoW sounds by ID. You will need to do some searching for sound IDs, a unique number each sound/spell is assigned in the game, and Wow.Tools has an extensive list:

It comes with a few presets, to mute the emotes /moo and the /train “choo choo” as well as the Yakk Vendors dialog, the LFG que notification, and the meow from Sunwarmed Feline mount.

MuteSoundFile on CurseForge:

Unpopular Sound IDs

Here are some additional sounds often unloved by the WoW community and ID for quick reference:

Disenchant Ding567574
Sunflower Pet567374, 567338, 567295
Slidewhistle668983, 668985, 668987, 668989, 668995
Jewelcrafting Scrape569325
Chauffeur Motorcycle Jump569863, 569857, 569855

Earpieces of Tranquil Focus

There is a toy that tunes out musical and vocal projections upon use, the Earpieces of Tranquil Focus provides a 1 hour buff called “Just Vibing” and there does not appear to be a visual appearance on your character. I’ve tested the earbuds on several toys and some of those not so adorable pets, and it was able to silence:

  • Toy Train Set
  • Sylvanas Music Box
  • Other players voice dialog from the Transmorpher Beacon Toy.

You can obtain this toy easily with gold from the following vendors:

  • Alliance locate Craggle Wobbletop a gnome merchant pushing a cart in the Stormwind Trade District along the canal.
  • Horde can find Blax Bottlerocket, a goblin merchant pushing a cart located near The Drag in Orgrimmar.
  • Jepetto Joybuzz is a Toymaker who sells to both factions, located in Dalaran on the west side of Runeweaver Square.

Thanks for Tuning In (or Out)

That wraps up this quick guide to sound options in WoW, if you’re interested in learning how to block other nuisances, check out How To Block Annoyances In WoW.

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